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Principes fondamentaux de l'excellence du service dans le secteur public pour les gestionnaires
L'accent mis par le gouvernement sur les résultats et la prestation souligne le besoin de comprendre les principes de base dans lesquels les fonctionnaires abordent la prestation de services. L'excellence de la gestion des services est essentielle à la réalisation du gouvernement.

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juin 07, 2018 • Security Boulevard
The state of security RSA special report: The big trends shaping cybersecurity today.
Security teams face enormous challenges. Not only from attackers who are always looking for new ways to get to their applications and data, but also the constant evolution of the very technologies security professionals must defend. This report covers a handful of the mega-trends that will drive security in the year ahead. These trends include the continued adoption of DevSecOps, AI and Machine Learning, security hybrid cloud environments, container security, and increased regulatory tightening,

mai 24, 2018 • IBM Institute for Business Value
Digital Reinvention: preparing for a very different tomorrow
Social media, mobile, analytics, cloud and other technologies have allowed for people, businesses and governments to be unprecedently interconnected. The authors argue that these technologies have dislocated traditional industry definitions and are fundamentally altering business economics. To succeed in this environment and ensure success, companies must digitally reinvent themselves by opening up to external influences, forming new partnerships, and promoting digital mobilization.

mai 24, 2018 • IBM Institute for Business Value
Digital Reinvention in action: what to do and how to make it happen
The authors coin today's economy the everyone-to-everyone (E2E) economy, an economy based on collaborative and seamless business ecosystems. To accommodate the needs of E2E, businesses must digitally reinvent their enterprises by offering customers compelling new experiences, establishing new focus, building new expertise and devising new ways of working.

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