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Inter-jurisdictional councils collaborating and focusing on service delivery.

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An easy-to-use client satisfaction survey instrument that facilitates benchmarking across jurisdictions and adjusting for common factors.

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CMT users can request a customized benchmarking report to quantitatively gauge how their results rank against those of peer organizations.

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Sharon Squire

Winner of the 2018 Heintzman Leadership Award

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2019 Nominations

Do you know an outstanding Canadian public sector leader who has transformed the quality of citizen-centred service across Canada?

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Fundamentals of Public Sector Service
New public course offering! This workshop is open to public service managers across all four levels of government (Municipal, Regional, Provincial and Federal) in all jurisdictions in Canada. Delivered directly to your desktop virtually, this live facilitator-led session eliminates the need for travel.



MSDO 2019 Conference
Get ready for another great opportunity to network with great colleagues from across Canada. Like all MSDO conferences, there will be lots of fun social events and great sessions.

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Jun 01, 2019 • European Commission
The Future of Government 2030+: A Citizen Centric Perspective on New Government Models
The objective of this project is to explore emerging societal challenges, analyse trends in a rapidly changing digital world and launch and EU-wide de...

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