About the CMT

The Common Measurements Tool (CMT) is a client satisfaction survey tool that provides an easy-to-use set of questions that are applicable across various channels and address the full range of service dimensions. Using the CMT, public-sector managers have a cost effective method of understanding client expectations, assessing levels of satisfaction, benchmarking against similar organizations, and identifying priorities for improvement. It was first developed in 1998 and has been validated and improved over the last 14 years through use across the Canadian Public Sector.

What does the CMT do? #

The CMT:
  • is based on the key drivers of client satisfaction identified through the Citizens First and Taking Care of Business research
  • has been tested in practice by hundreds of public sector organizations
  • offers a highly reliable way to capture feedback on key dimensions of the client service experience in a multi-channel service delivery environment
  • allows the public-sector decision-makers to understand client expectations, assess levels of satisfaction, and identify priorities for improvement
  • helps users compare their results against peer organizations, identify best practices and share lessons learned using the ICCS data benchmarking service

How does the CMT work?

Picking up the CMT, managers are able to construct a client satisfaction survey by selecting the questions that meet the needs of their organization.

The CMT assists in this process by identifying a set of “core” questions that measure the key drivers of satisfaction – those elements or attributes of the service experience which, when present, ensure high levels of satisfaction. In this way, the CMT builds on the intellectual foundations of Citizens First, a national survey of Canadians, which identified the drivers of satisfaction, namely timeliness, knowledge/competence, fairness, courtesy/comfort, and outcome.

Managers, of course, are not restricted to using the core questions, or even the larger bank of CMT questions. The CMT is designed to be a flexible tool, leaving organizations free to add customized questions that will help improve the quality of service.

Who uses the CMT?

Since being recognized by the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) with a Silver Award for International Innovation and by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada with a Gold Award for Innovative Management, the CMT has been adopted by more than 30 municipal, provincial, territorial, and federal governments across Canada and around the world.

The ICCS serves as the custodian of the CMT, and makes the tool and associated support materials available through its web site. The ICCS also maintains a CMT benchmarking database that enables organizations to compare anonymously their results with those of peer organizations. The ICCS also offers a version of the CMT specifically for measuring client satisfaction in municipal service delivery.

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