Other Research

Mobility and Government Report: Opportunities and challenges for Service Delivery and IM

February 2014 • Jeffrey Roy, Dalhousie University

A Report Commissioned by the Research Committee of the Public Sector Service Delivery Council and the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council.

Deloitte Innovative Self-Service Practice Report

April 2013 • ICCS & Deloitte

In recent years a perfect storm has been changing the way in which public and private services are being consumed. Both advances in technology and unrelenting fiscal pressures are forcing all types of organizations to reconsider how they deliver services to their clients. On the one hand, an ongoing technology revolution has accelerated with the exploding popularity of smart-devices and social media. On the other hand, aftershocks from the 2008 financial crisis continue to be felt by the economy as a whole, and specifically by governments that are operating under the augur of deficits and growing debt loads.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device: Innovations in Public Sector Self-Service Delivery

August 2012 • Kenneth Kernaghan

Self-service delivery has become a major means of promoting citizen-centred service and cost savings, but governments vary greatly in the range and sophistication of their self-service initiatives. Many governments have made significant advances, but many others have done relatively little beyond enabling basic Internet self-service.

Channel Management/Channel Migration in Canada’s Public Service Organzations

January 2012 • Best Practices Sub-Committee

Channel management and channel migration were identified by the Public Sector Service Delivery Council (PSSDC) and the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council (PSCIOC) as areas they wished to have investigated by its Research Committee as part of the Research Committee’s three-year business plan which was approved in the winter of 2011. The Research Committee then tasked its Best Practices Sub-Committee to undertake this research project.

Innovations in External Public Service Delivery

December 2009 • Dr. Faye Schmidt

This study is unique in that it provides a snapshot of innovation in external service delivery at the Provincial and Territoria level of government across Canada in the Fall of 2009. Key informants in each jurisdiction were invited to provide information on ground breaking projects by describing the service, the innovation, the challenges faced, what the innovation has achieved, and key aspects of service management including the important area of performance measurement.

International Innovations in Public Sector External Service Delivery

March 2010 • Dr. Kenneth Kernaghan

The global economic crisis has brought about a shift from a primary focus on service improvement to increased emphasis on cost effectiveness. Governments need to pay more attention to whether the programs being delivered meet important social and economic goals and to the measurement of service performance. Both cost reductions and service improvement can be accomplished in part by innovative approaches to service delivery. Thus, the sharing of service innovations across the world has become much more important. The challenge for Canada is to sustain its leadership in those areas where it is at the forefront and to learn from international initiatives where it needs to advance more quickly or more innovatively.