Citizens First

Citizens First 8

Citizens First 8 presents a comprehensive look at how clients view government services and places increased emphasis on providing actionable data for service executives and managers across the public sector. While the study continues to delve into the areas examined in previous surveys, such as service reputation, client experience and expectations, it also employs innovative approaches that offer new insights on key issues facing the public sector today. With this objective in mind, the study introduces methodologies that take advantage of the latest in behavioural science, as well as incorporates data from other research with the aim of providing a fresh perspective on government and new technologies. (Download only)

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Citizens First 8 - Summary Report

Overview of key findings and recommendations from the Citizens First 8 study. (Download only)

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Citizens First 7

Detailed 2014 data on key trends client satisfaction in the delivery of government services to citizens.

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Citizens First 7 - Insights Bulletin

Overview of key findings and recommendations from the Citizens First 7 study.

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Copies of older reports from the series may be available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

About the Citizens First Series #

In the late 1990’s, senior government officials from across Canada established the Citizen-Centred Service Network, dedicated to improving the quality of government services for Canadians. Under the direction of the Canadian Centre for Management Development, the Network undertook a unique national study – Citizens First.

The mission of the Citizens First project was to gain a deeper understanding of how citizens experience government services. This knowledge enables providers to improve service based a citizen perspective and empirical evidence. The original Citizens First Study, published in 1998 was a landmark study focused on citizen-centred service delivery. Through Citizens First, Canadians across the country were asked what they thought about the delivery of public services, what expectations they held, and what they saw as the priorities for improvement. This formed the baseline against which progress has been measured.

Changes Since Citizens First 1998 #

Over the years, the Citizens First series has changed and grown, introducing new elements and increasing the depth of understanding of how citizens experience government services.

The original Citizens First, together with the Common Measurements Tool, garnered national and international acclaim with a GOLD AWARD from the Institute of Public Administration of Canada and a SILVER AWARD from the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management for Innovation in Management.

Ralph Heintzman, Adjunct Research Professor at the University of Ottawa, noted:

“The Citizens First series…has established the gold-standard for research on public sector service delivery, not only in Canada, but around the world. The ICCS methodology and approach have equipped public sector managers with the tools they need to identify action priorities for service improvement in the public sector.”

The Citizens First series takes an in depth look at how citizens experience government services.