Governments across Canada are embracing a “citizen-centred” approach to service delivery and it is starting to make a difference. The public sector has been shedding an internally-focused (or “inside-out”) perspective and has been increasingly adopting an “outside-in” perspective when delivering service to the public – a perspective where the interests and opinions of citizens are instrumental in defining expectations, setting priorities, and establishing service standards. Through our research, we at the ICCS are striving to find new and better ways to harness public input and assist others in obtaining actionable insights to improve service delivery.

Our Flagship Research #

Using data collected through the Citizens First and Taking Care of Business, the Institute supports research and analysis of service improvement. Focus is placed on understanding the drivers of satisfaction and identifying areas for service improvement. Citizens First and Taking Care of Business are complementary; CF surveys the general public on their service experience, while TCoB surveys business clients on their service experience.

Taking Care of Business 5

Building on the previous waves of the research, Taking Care of Business 5 examines how businesses in Canada experience government services.

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Taking Care of Business 5 - Insights Bulletin

Overview of key findings and recommendations from the TCOB 5 study.

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Citizens First 7

Detailed 2014 data on key trends client satisfaction in the delivery of government services to citizens.

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Citizens First 7 - Insights Bulletin

Overview of key findings and recommendations from the Citizens First 7 study.

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Copies of older reports from these series may be available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

Our Other Research #

In the course of our work, ICCS also commissions or partners on other research reports on important issues and trends in government service delivery. Read about and download our other research reports. You can also view a series of Webinars that support and feature our research.