Open Data and Information Working Group

The Open Data and Information Working Group is a sub-committee of the Joint Councils. Its mandate is to be:

  1. A forum for multi-jurisdictional information sharing and collaboration on open data and open information activities; and,
  2. The governance body for common open data and information tools shared across jurisdictions (e.g. Open Government Licence).

The objective of the Open Data and Information Working Group is:

  • Share, enhance, or develop common tools, platforms, practices, and policies to help Canadian governments increase the availability of open data and open information to Canadians.
  • Sustain these common tools and approaches, as they emerge, by establishing and maintaining governance processes that incorporate jurisdictional interests and promote our common goals.
  • Promote information sharing across jurisdictions to reduce duplication of effort and investment in open data and open information.
  • Contribute to Canada’s participation on the Open Government Partnership.