Canada's Digital Interchange

In 2015, the Government of Canada, along with P/T partners, proposed to create a secure, scalable messaging service to facilitate information exchange across jurisdictions referred to as “Canada’s Digital Interchange,” or CDI. The initiative has three key goals:

1. Develop the policies, standards and protocols required to share and use identity information for service purposes, and
2. Find a practical, secure and cost-effective information technology solution that will allow parties to confirm identity information, and/or provide updated information between relevant jurisdictions and programs where legal authority exists to do so; and
3. To implement a solution without creating any new databases or repositories of personal information.
Once CDI is functional for governments, it may expand, at a later date, to include limited access to other orders of government and certain private sector entities that have a regulatory requirement for collecting and confirming identity information.

• Identity information is shared efficiently and securely within and between jurisdictions.
• Identity information sharing between jurisdictions in transparent – citizens and residents understand how and why their information is shared, and are partners with government in protecting their identity.
• New programs and services are able to quickly onboard to CDI.
• The implementation of CDI will facilitate greater service innovation and more secure, convenient services for citizens and residents of Canada.