Joint Councils

The ICCS manages to two pan-Canadian Councils – the Public Sector Service Delivery Council (PSSDC) and the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council (PSCIOC). Each Council consists of senior officials representing the federal, provincial/territorial and municipal levels of government. The Councils meet regularly in-person and via teleconference, both separately and as a Joint Councils.

One of the significant accomplishments of the Joint Councils was the creation of the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (ICCS). The ICCS provides secretariat services to the Councils, including the coordination of their meetings and teleconferences, the provision of an online website, and maintaining central repositories for inter-jurisdictional initiatives.

The mission of the PSSDC is to be a catalyst for: sharing information; identifying common challenges; initiating research and gaining insight into client needs; developing practical solutions; and, linking up government services wherever possible. The Council’s intent is to ensure that Canadian public services are at the forefront of providing excellent, modernized services which result in a customer experience which meets or exceeds citizens’ and the business community’s expectations.

The mission of the PSCIOC is to enable enhanced service to the Canadian public through collaboration across governments and demonstrated leadership in the management of information and technology.

The PSSDC and PSCIOC oversee a number of inter-jurisdictional sub-committees and working groups, which focus on the Councils’ identified priority areas.