The Institute for Citizen-Centred Service serves as the secretariat for key inter-jurisdictional councils focusing on service delivery, information technology and information management issues.

  • The Public Sector Service Delivery Council (PSSDC) focuses on major public sector service delivery issues confronting all levels of government in Canada and is comprised of senior officials of service delivery organizations at the federal/provincial/territorial levels of government and senior municipal representatives via the Municipal Service Delivery Organization (MSDO).
  • The Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council (PSCIOC) focuses on pan-Canadian information technology and information management issues and is comprised of the Chief Information Officers of the federal/provincial/territorial governments and senior municipal IT representatives via the Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA).
  • The Councils also come together as a single entity, the Joint Councils, to address issues of common concern and interest.

The PSCIOC, PSSDC and ICCS exemplify a unique pan-Canadian model of inter-jurisdictional cooperation and collaboration, with benefits that include:

  • Reducing duplication of effort and encouraging development of consistent standards/approaches across Canada
  • Using limited public resources more efficiently through the pooling of funds for initiatives; allowing smaller jurisdictions to benefit from the expertise and resources of the federal government and larger provinces;
  • Allowing governments a unique window to address pan-Canadian issues within a consensus-oriented framework; and,
  • Providing singular information-sharing and networking opportunities across jurisdictions.

The ICCS provides secretariat services to the two Councils, including agenda management and logistics support for biannual in-person meetings of the Councils and regular teleconferences as well as hosting websites (public and members-only).