Certification & Learning Program

The certification and learning program has had a great year.  The programs continue to be used across Canada with interest in the certification model continuing to grow.  Over 350 candidates have achieved their Certified Service Professional (CSP) certification with over 100 candidates earning their Certified Service Manager (CSM) certification.  The ICCS offered 10 deliveries of the certification and learning programs in this past year.

We are proud to announce that the self-study versions of both the Certified Service Manager (CSM) and Certified Service Professional (CSP) are now online and available to learners.  The learning modules in the programs are based on the content from the CSM and CSP Bodies of Knowledge.  The self-study program can be used as stand-alone training or ICCS can arrange for the self-study program to be part of a hybrid delivery model.  Learners can now advance through the program at their own pace providing them with a more flexible learning experience.  The new self-study program also allows ICCS to update the content in the CSM and CSP Bodies of Knowledge more quickly and on a regular basis.  This past year included a revision of the CSM Body of Knowledge which is currently in use in the CSM self-study program.  The ICCS continues to work with course facilitators and the ICCS training community to explore ways of improving virtual delivery of the certification and learning programs.

For those who would rather have ICCS deliver a certification program, we are working on new one-day and half-day workshops based on the CSM and CSP content.  This option for training is aimed at those organizations that are looking for stand-alone training programs. 

Over the past year, the ICCS has had the good fortune of partnering with a number of organizations to offer certification and learning programs, including, but not limited to:

  • Provincial Government of British Columbia
  • Service Canada College
  • Government of Northwest Territories
  • Provincial Government of Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Saskatchewan Workers’  Compensation Board

We would like to thank all of our partners for their use of the certification and learning programs and we look forward to adding new members to this growing community of practice.

In addition to our certification and learning programs, the ICCS successfully partnered with FCV Interactive to deliver a six-part webinar series on Digital Transformation for Government.  The series was a success and we are working with FCV Interactive to offer another series of sessions in the Fall of 2017.  We will also continue to look for additional partners to provide our members and the community with more valuable learning events.