Lori Mac­Mullen — 2005 Heintz­man Lead­er­ship Award Winner

The Heintzman Leadership Award is given annually by the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (ICCS) to the person that the Selection Panel believes has demonstrated outstanding leadership within the public sector in promoting citizen-centred service. In particular, recipients of the award have demonstrated outstanding and sustained leadership within a jurisdiction or across jurisdictions to make public-sector service more responsive to the needs of citizens.

The 2005 Heintzman Award was presented to Lori MacMullen in recognition of her enormous contribution to the promotion of citizen-centred service within the Government of New Brunswick, across Canada, and around the world.

Lori MacMullen is a recognized champion of citizen-centred service across Canada and throughout the world. In recent years, she has been:

  • A key leader in the development of citizen-centred services in New Brunswick as the province’s first CIO
  • A visionary collaborator working the federal, provincial, and municipal colleagues to establish the Public Sector CIO Council
  • A tireless support of, and contributor to, the Lac Carling Congress as member of the organization committee
  • A willing advisor on citizen-centred service to governments in Canada and around the world; and
  • An invaluable colleague and friend to all with the public-sector community.

In recognition of her lifetime of leadership in promotion citizen-centred approaches to service delivery, the Institute for Citizen-Centred service proudly awards Lori MacMullen the 2005 Heintzman Leadership Award.