Bri­an Mar­son — 2006 Heintz­man Lead­er­ship Award Winner

The Heintzman Leadership Award is given annually by the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (ICCS) to the person that the Selection Panel believes has demonstrated outstanding leadership within the public sector in promoting citizen-centred service. In particular, recipients of the award have demonstrated outstanding and sustained leadership within a jurisdiction or across jurisdictions to make public-sector service more responsive to the needs of citizens.

This year, congratulations goes to Brian Marson, Special Advisor, Research and Analysis with the Chief Information Officer Branch at Treasury Board Secretariat, who received the 2006 Heintzman Leadership Award on Monday, May 15, 2006, in recognition of his contribution to the promotion of citizen-centred service across all levels of government in Canada, and around the world.

Brian Marson is a recognized pioneer, visionary and intellectual leader who has worked tirelessly to create the building blocks to advance both the practice and study of citizen-centred service to achieve a fundamental transformation in public sector service delivery. He has been:

  • An early believer in service quality, reinventing the BC Office of the Comptroller General to become a world class organization in the 1980’s
  • A driver of collaboration, fostering the creation of the innovative Citizen-Centred Service Network, the Public Sector Service Delivery Council, and the Joint Council’s Research Committee
  • A leader in developing ground-breaking Citizen’s First research and the Common Measurements Tool, and the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service
  • An enthusiastic motivator, working with young public sector professionals, generating enthusiasm in citizen-centred service.
  • An architect of the successful federal Service Improvement Initiative
  • A recognized author, professor and public speaker who effectively uses stories of best practices in citizen-centred service to present complex policies and issues.