Art Daniels — 2003 Heintz­man Lead­er­ship Award Winner

In May 2003, the inaugural Heintzman Leadership Award was presented to Art Daniels (Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Public Service Excellence and Innovation Office) in recognition of his enormous contributions to the promotion of citizen-centred service within Ontario, across Canada, and around the world.

Art Daniels is a recognized champion of citizen centred service across Canada and throughout the world. During the past decade, he has been:

  • the leader and architect of many of Ontario’s award-winning, citizen-centred service initiatives;
  • a key leader of the Citizen Centred Service Network;
  • a co-founder of the Public Sector Service Delivery Council;
  • a willing advisor on citizen-centred service to governments in Canada and around the world;
  • an author of books and articles on innovative, citizen-centred service delivery;
  • and an architect and founder of the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service.